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    Our service is designed to protect the resources and ensure that certain users will not overwhelm it and cause latency for others. This limit is in place to protect against spike sending that we wish to discourage. As such, we have no plans to change the limit for regular mailboxes.

    Where possible, we encourage customers who have these requirements to seek solutions that do not send emails all at once, can make use of DLs, or use services like Dynamics or third-party services to send large volumes of emails to customers or student and parents.

    However, we are thinking about alternatives we can provide to solve this issue of higher sending for automated email scenarios to address this customer need.

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    I operate a small business with limited resources and budget specific guidelines. It was suggested to us that we leave the migrated server we previously used to this platform, and that we would not have problems with our processes. For an entire year, a total of 6 times, everything went smoothly. Now two days before a deadline, emails are blocked. These are not mass emails, these are customer specific that are bundled and sent with specific individual attachments, they are apparently considered bulk in their timing.

    Now with two days to spare the suggestion is for me to 1) identify a third party to accommodate my needs and incur the expense of rewriting program or 2) rewrite program to stage the emails to meet the 30 per minute limitation. I have neither the time to investigate and vet a third party or the resources to have someone rewrite code in 48 hours at the accelerated fees of $250 per hour.

    It is unconscionable to me how a company that sells this product to me more than a year ago with the constraints and needs clearly outlined, now has put me into this situation. Maybe it was in fine print, but if it were, I would not have accepted knowing this was a key component to our communication strategy.

    Limits need to be asserted at the company level and when abuse is verified, then you can punish the customer. Why there is not a staging component to queue email for delivery, I will never figure that out.

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