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    Thank you for your feedback. We have a clarifying question that would help us to prioritize this better: If you need notices 3 (or more) times per day, why use quarantine at all? Why not send the mails to a junk folder which the user can check on demand? If you want a notice each time any message gets quarantined, again, what prevents just sending the mails to a junk folder instead?

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    I would suggest allowing users to view not only bulk and spam mail in the end user notification but also allowing them to view quarantined messages categorized as Phishing or Malware. Here’s a use case, say a user sends a message and is expecting a response. That legitimate response for what ever reason gets flagged as “Phishing”. Lets say the anti-spam policy is set to quarantine all phishing messages. The user will never receive the message and has no idea that it has been quarantined. I understand that as an admin we can view/release this message but on a bigger scale where you have thousands of users… would spend all day sifting through quarantined messages & using your judgement on what “you” think is a false positives. Something a little better would be a real time notification so the user could immediately send a request to the help desk for the expected message to be released. From their you can easily start collecting info and working on a permanent solution for future messages.

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