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    Alex commented  · 

    Keep in mind, O Implementers, that it doesn't have to be a plus. Several other email system support the concept other than Gmail, but in some cases just use a different character for the functionality. From the RFCs there are some good options:

    RFC 2822 defines these characters as special: "()<>[]:;@\,." and the double quote, making them useless for the "+suffix" idea.

    However, the RFC also defines a mailbox as having a phrase part for the local box built out of words, built out of atoms, which in section 3.2.4 are built from atexts which allow a fairly wide set of characters include the semantically suggestive "+", "/" and "=", and 3.2.5 suggests that quoting might not be required for mailboxes containing such characters.

    "+" would be ideal, but if "+" is an issue, what about "/" or "=" ? <joe.smith/forspam123> or <amy.forster=junkbox345> both seem pretty obvious. See the RFC for more options.

    Old email servers shouldn't have issues, since RFC 822 defines an atom as:
    "*<any CHAR except specials, SPACE and CTLs>", and those three chars aren't in RFC 822 3.3: specials.

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