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    We see two patterns in this feedback thread and are addressing them now. The first pattern is that users want AutoSave OFF. The second pattern is that the Template scenarios are problematic with AutoSave.

    To address turning AutoSave OFF, we have implemented these capabilities:

    1. To avoid accidental edits by others, the owner of a file can set it to Always Open Read-Only. This can be done by setting the file to open in Read-Only Recommended (File > Info > Protect Document/ Workbook/ Presentation > Always Open in Read-Only) or by Sharing the file without allowing others to edit (File > Share > People with the link can edit > Uncheck the “Allow Editing” box).

    2. Users can turn AutoSave OFF for a file. While a document is open, clicking the AutoSave toggle turns AutoSave OFF for the current document for that user. The next time the same…

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    SHAW commented  · 

    the above will works for desktop Office app, but how about the Office online app?

    Right now, when I open a Sharepoint online Words doc, for example, wanting just to preview it, Words online immediately open the file in EDIT mode. Any accidental typing/deletion means immediate auto-saving. Sometime not knowing that something has been overwritten and autosave, the browser is closed, and the damaged is done permanently.By default, when we open a file online in any of the office online app, it should be in a VIEW MODE by default. If one wants to update/edit the file, there can be a button to ENABLE EDIT to turn it into Edit mode. Really need this feature to protect accidental loss of data in Office files.

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