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    Thank you for your feedback. We have a clarifying question that would help us to prioritize this better: If you need notices 3 (or more) times per day, why use quarantine at all? Why not send the mails to a junk folder which the user can check on demand? If you want a notice each time any message gets quarantined, again, what prevents just sending the mails to a junk folder instead?

    Anonymous commented  · 

    The whole quarantine process needs to be better integrated with Outlook.

    You should be able to see DYNAMICALLY what has been quarantined.
    You should see -x- items have been quarantined" or "--n-- new items in quarntine"
    You should to be able to go from Outlook directly to your quarantine manager.

    Perhaps just another special folder - like spam -- but with a different type of content.
    BTW -- other 'system' folders (such as spam, Drafts need to be identifiable as 'system' folders or they get lost in the shuffle. Some additional icon / font or whatever.

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