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    Thank you for your feedback. We have a clarifying question that would help us to prioritize this better: If you need notices 3 (or more) times per day, why use quarantine at all? Why not send the mails to a junk folder which the user can check on demand? If you want a notice each time any message gets quarantined, again, what prevents just sending the mails to a junk folder instead?

    Pawel commented  · 

    I have got the same problem and an answer to O365 Feedback Team: I do not want my user to receive emails into the Junk folder, because they do ring very often to ask me to look at their junk and tell them if the email that landed there is legitimate. I know that in 99.9% cases it is not, but the users don't. Because this was a serious time consumer for me I decided to go with the quarantine solution.
    Now I have got the MD's complaining that new customer messages are ending up in the quarantine and that the notifications are coming at 1AM. Really Microsoft, does that need any more explanation?

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