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    Yes I get it, you can use a custom XML to modify the feature states (using DOS commands.... right). And in my organization that brings us to a total (so far) of 32 different custom XML files that I need to give my techs to be able to do what they can currently do by checking a box. This is absolutely unacceptable. Microsoft's answer is to manage it all with the SCCM O365 Client Settings node. So now something that could be decided on the fly by the tech, or installed as needed is all going to fall on me as the SCCM admin to become the gatekeeper of every person's rights to which feature set they have. What's that Mr. Director? Why didn't the updates go out this month? Sorry I was managing feature states. Every suite of software EVER has had the ability to modify the feature states. This is a basic basic thing. This software doesn't even have a gui when you double click setup, it has to be installed with DOS commands. I am just floored that this is not being fixed ASAP. Even in the new janky Settings App there is a button that says Modify, but all it lets you do is remove or repair, not really modify anything. Who is this better for? Microsoft. Only them. It is creating an avalanche of work for me and my department, and will become a whole new job duty to continue to monitor it down the road. Because now not only am I the gatekeeper of who gets what, now I am the only person who can fix Mrs. Smith when her Access didn't install. She's in the correct collection, everything looks right, but it didn't install. Why? I am going to have to figure that out, yet more work piled on me, when before it could have been handled by any of the techs.

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