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    ATP does not consider mails from other Office 365 tenants, or even mailboxes inside of your tenant, as safe. The best way to put a stop to this is to follow the recommendations in SecureScore for your tenant; and report phishing mails to us promptly. Also, make sure that the sender is not allowed either by the tenant configuration or the user safelist.

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    Mike Mason commented  · 

    Microsoft just announced a change to their anti-spoofing so that it's available to everyone instead of just E5, which is great, however I would like to know, was the question about the possibility of other O365 tenants automatically being trusted more in the spam filter also answered? All incoming email regardless of where from should be treated the same.

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    Mike Mason commented  · 

    This is a huge problem for us. We just migrated a couple customers to O365 and spam has increased dramatically. They all look like O365 emails. I'm afraid to even implement more things like OneDrive because they get OneDrive looking spam too. The Barracuda beforehand blocked most of it before they were on local Exchange servers, but now even with the spam filter set to VERY on our customers are getting this stuff hardcore. As someone else commented below forwarding these emails to GMail gets them flagged right away.

    Now we look terrible to the customer and I'm soured even more on Microsoft stuff.

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