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    Richard Laxton commented  · 

    The current implementation essentially makes this control worthless for anything serious. The idea of ORing together all the filters of the same type would be barely acceptable if the logic actually took into account that for managed property filtering, sameness is defined by which managed property you are looking at!

    I continue to be stunned at how little effort MS seem to be putting into SharePoint. While it does some stuff quite well, for unstructured information management, Atlassian Confluence is far superior, which makes it very difficult to try and align on a strong investment in the MS tools.

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    Richard Laxton commented  · 

    Looking at the insane-world logic that this control uses, who would want to transparently OR together all of the filters of the same type, and AND different types? It is almost like the user story they implemented was incredibly specific.

    I use a lot of metadata to make my site work, and this is just an absolute killer for me. I am trying to get my whole department to user SharePoint for their knowledge management, but this sort of thing just makes it so hard.

    I don't understand it, the SharePoint team. Office has revenues in the billions of dollars, and yet the rollout of "modern" pages has involved years of drips. It almost feels like there are about 5 developers working on the project, and only in their spare time. I expect better from Microsoft.

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