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    Thank you for taking the time to submit this feedback. Since there are multiple pieces and layers of feedback in this single post, it makes it more difficult than many to address. First, let us share a little about what we’ve been doing. Since this post was made, we have prioritized performance and reliability improvements for both Message Trace (inside 7 days) and Historical Search (typically outside of 7 days). We’ve added details to Message Trace that weren’t there before, decreasing the need to run Historical Searches inside of 7 days. For Historical Search, we have improved the results to be more clear for those who are not familiar with the Exchange Message Tracking log format. Additionally, while we get the total value of Message Trace, we’ve also prioritized reducing the constant need to search & destroy. We’ve made tremendous strides in effectiveness, even as the bad guys got more…

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    When will we see a major overhaul to Message Tracing? As of May 2018 Message Tracing is still an ineffectual component. I don't even use it. To properly trace messages you must be able to trace every word of every header of a message. Not just a select few. And you need to be able to go back MONTHS, not just a few days. Query results, even in the 10's of thousands, should only take a few minutes. And the results should in effect be the message and it's headers, with the option to export the message to it's original format, or EML format. ProofPoint SmartSearch is already years ahead of any message tracing available in Office 365. When this is updated, I sure hope it's not an "E5" only feature....

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