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    You can use your own personal email with a personal domain to connect to any type of Office 365 subscription, including Office 365 Home. Office 365 Home relies on a Microsoft account for authentication. A Microsoft account can be created with any personal domain email, it is not required to be, etc. Once the Microsoft account is created using your personal email, you can use it to activate and sign into your Office 365 Home subscription.
    If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to the Microsoft account sign-up page and click on Create account. In the User name box enter your personal domain email address you wish to use. Fill out the rest of the form and click Create account.
    Now you can set up your Office 365 Home subscription with your Microsoft account. This will be the Microsoft account associated with your Office download. If you have…

    Jan commented  · 

    [continued from previous post]

    So basically you have three options now:

    Option A: transfer your domain to GoDaddy
    Option B: (e.g. if GD doesn't offer your TLD): go along as described above and buy their "premium DNS feature" - that allows you to use their servers indefinitely without having the domain there.

    And last not least:
    Option C: not for the faint-hearted :-)
    Set up with temporary zone as described above.
    Then look at what MS actually configured for your domain (view the records in GoDaddy).
    Copy all on those over into your own DNS / to whatever other DNS-provider you use.
    Re-set the domain's DNS server to your own.

    This way the relevant records will stay the same, so email will still continue to end up on MS Servers. Question is just if MS will at some point re-check if the Domain is still in GoDaddys DNS Server.
    I would vaguely hope that they don't, because: why should they?
    But there is no way to know if this works until the first person tries it :-)
    Perhaps I'll try at some point...
    Again: perhaps not the right choice for productive use.

    Jan commented  · 

    you are reffering to the "how to do without having your Domain @GoDaddy?

    create an account on GoDaddy, -> DNS -> add DNS hosting
    THis way you can generate DNS records for y domain even if it is not registered with GD.
    Then add all records that you might want to have for this domain (e.g. A-record for website).

    GD will provide you with info which Nameserver this will reside on (e.g.
    Go to the registrar where you have your Domain and set the domain to use these nameservers instead.
    Wait for a day for everything to propagate and then go to anbd add the domain in the "premium" section.

    triggered by the comments here: I checked:
    Indeed GoDaddy states that such a zone without a domain on their servers will be deleted after 30 days.
    What a pity.
    Sorry, I did not notice this before. Also the zone which I created more than 30 days ago still is alive and kickin' on their servers - but I believe this basically disqualifies this as a longer term productive setup.
    Only do this for testing!!!

    So basically you have three options now:

    Option A: transfer your domain to GoDaddy
    Option B: (e.g. if GD doesn't offer your TLD): go along as described above and buy their "premium DNS feature" - that allows you to use their servers indefinitely without having the domain there.

    [to be continued]

    Jan commented  · 

    I have been tring this for the last weeks now.

    The FAQ still reports this feature as "currently in limited preview to a subset of subscribers.", so it's probably not yet for everybody and perhaps also too early to switch completely, but all my testing was completelysuccessful as of yet.

    You can connect to a GoDaddy Domain (the Domain actually does not need to be registered via GoDaddy, it's enough to only use GoDaddy for DNS, but to keep the domain registered elsewhere).

    You can create (and change) ONE email address per Office-account:
    If you have your O365 home license shared with other users, each account can also create ONE address within this domain.

    All of this works fine and nicely so far, receiving, sending etc.

    The only downside is that you can obviously only have as many email addresses as Office-Accounts. No chance to have an extra alias for SPAM or your printer or the kid that doesn't need a full office license.
    This is a real limit to an otherwise splendid feature.

    Let's see how this evolves and when it is finally been released.

    Thanks MS for listening!!

    Jan commented  · 

    Very exciting news were discovered in "MS Community":
    This points to this FAQ here:

    So there seems to be some beta going on for this function.

    I checked, the function exists in my account. I couldn't yet add a domain bu I will contiune to try it to see if it lives up to m expectations but at least there seems to be very real reason for hope in this matter!

    Jan commented  · 

    Because of this missing feature (and only that because apart from that I'm very happy with O365) I have canceled my subscription a while back and as it expires soon I wanted to check back to see if there is any improvement here.

    So this request is now approaching the "2,000 votes-mark", making this the second-highest ranking feature request in "O365 general" and also being in the range of the top 3 feature requests in other sections.

    And still it is not only not in any public roadmap, it is simply totally being ignored by MS.

    Very sad. So I'll let this expire now. Thanks and goodbye.

    Jan commented  · 

    This feature request is the SECOND MOST VOTED for in all O365 and still it is not available.

    This is really ridicculous.
    I am so fed up with this now.
    Every competitor gets this done and offers Office AND email integration.

    Today MS announced new features regarding email in O365 (ransomware protection) - but for what, if you can not use domains, its totally in vain.

    What an epic fail of the responsible product manager.

    I really have had enough now. I cancelled the o365 subscription for our four family users and will let it expire. Then I will get myself a service that actually allows me to combine office and email.
    You know, like real 2018-style technology level.

    What a shame. Otherwise a really great product. I would even pay extra for this.
    But whatever. This has bothered me long enough, now I am out.

    Have a good life, MS, and call me when you come to your senses.

    Jan commented  · 

    Why can we not get "custom domain" for using email in O365 home/personal?
    That would allow benefiting from a closer integration office <-> email (e.g. online document editing in an attachment of an email)
    It was working in the US ("Outlook premium") and I would surely pay extra for it if that way I could get rid of having two seperate contracts (my hosting provider's OpenXchange account contract any My MS O365 personal contract).

    The old "outlook premium" was ~20 USD/year and that was a fair price. I would even pay double this price to get "hosted exchange" accounts as part of my O365 personal.

    This is such a great market potential for MS, but instead of finally rolling out "outlook premium" worldwide, they just stop offering this feature alltogether.

    And it's really a pain that their support for the most part doesn't even bother to understand the problem.
    As you can see above in the official answer to this request, where the admin obviously seems to assume the problem is that people want to authenticate with a custom domain name for login into O365 account.
    Which is obviously totally not the point.
    This is about email hosting, not about authentication!

    Jan supported this idea  · 
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