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    We announced at Ignite that we are actively working on bringing dynamic plus aliases to Office 365.
    To get around existing usage, the plan is for an opt-in setting. Our ETA is to have this available for all customers by the third quarter of 2020.
    I will keep you updated in Uservoice on our progress.

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    Be able to receive emails to: "FirstPartOfYourMail+ANYTEXT@YourDomain"

    Here is how:
    - Got to Exchange admin portal
    - Go to MailFlow
    - Create a rule

    With the following settings:
    - Apply this rule:
    - "When recipient matches: "FirstPartOfYourMail+" <- please note the plus in the end
    - and :A recipients domain is "YourDomain"
    - Do the following
    - redirect messages to "ChooseYourExchangeMailbox" <= you will be able to select them from a list
    DO the following

    This will only ALLOW YOU TO receive Emails for disposable addresses though while google enabled you to also SEND emails from these addresses as they became a dynamic alias.

    That our MAIN concern was to loose emails as we were not able to receive emails from previously setup accounts anymore and it was impossible to run them all down. I hope somebody else that runs into this issue dosen't have to spend weeks to figure this out when the fix is relatively simple.

    Should somebody need to send from these emails you will have to add them one by one (this could also be scripted):
    - Add Alias for specific email that user wants to send with
    - Since the alias contains a "+" we CANNOT use the office admin portal as this wont let us enter "+" as alias, but we HAVE TO to use the Exchange admin portal
    - In Exchange admin portal go to Recipients
    - Double click on user you wanne add an alias for
    - go to email adress tab on user
    - now add the new alias (this interface allows us to enter a "+")
    - make sure you save after
    - done

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