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    We see two patterns in this feedback thread and are addressing them now. The first pattern is that users want AutoSave OFF. The second pattern is that the Template scenarios are problematic with AutoSave.

    To address turning AutoSave OFF, we have implemented these capabilities:

    1. To avoid accidental edits by others, the owner of a file can set it to Always Open Read-Only. This can be done by setting the file to open in Read-Only Recommended (File > Info > Protect Document/ Workbook/ Presentation > Always Open in Read-Only) or by Sharing the file without allowing others to edit (File > Share > People with the link can edit > Uncheck the “Allow Editing” box).

    2. Users can turn AutoSave OFF for a file. While a document is open, clicking the AutoSave toggle turns AutoSave OFF for the current document for that user. The next time the same…

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    Maggie Taylor commented  · 

    THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD - I disabled autosave when it was introduced by changing the registry settings per the solution provided by someone on this page some time ago, which has worked for the past few months. But I realised this morning that dates were changing on old files I had viewed but not saved. So I assume MS has done an update which makes autosave an option you can choose to switch off, but in providing the update, they kindly set the default at autosave which would over-write my registry preferences....?!?!? So now I've switched it off in each program, but thought it was still changing the last edit date even when you had only opened and closed a file without any edits/save, as the recent files now shows the open date of the document rather than the last save date. Why? I wasted 15mins thinking that autosave was off but now MS was forcing a revised edit date even if nothing had changed, until I worked out it wasn't changing the actual file edit date itself, just what appears in the list of recent documents. But the fact that it shows a different date reflects the foundation of MS in this area is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG. The idea that reading = editing lies at the heart of what they have done with this whole autosave rubbish - apart from completely screwing any file management by date modified, what if you want to evidence something with a file and its properties at a certain date. Once you have opened it to check it it would have overwritten the edit date and you can't prove anything.

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    Maggie Taylor commented  · 

    Thank you for this fix William O'Brien. As well as the frustrations already expressed regarding autosave, it was totally wrecking my entire historic file management which is 'last save date' driven - even going back to the previous version won't restore the original save date, it just overwrites with 'now'. The other frustration is that even if you remember to open a file as a copy rather than the original, you've then got this additional file that has to be manually deleted afterwards or manually renamed in file manager. Now I've done the fix, the "open read only" is back, but I'm sure it wasn't there while autosave was enabled... Anyway, all very annoying so the fix is much appreciated ....

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