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    You can use your own personal email with a personal domain to connect to any type of Office 365 subscription, including Office 365 Home. Office 365 Home relies on a Microsoft account for authentication. A Microsoft account can be created with any personal domain email, it is not required to be, etc. Once the Microsoft account is created using your personal email, you can use it to activate and sign into your Office 365 Home subscription.
    If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to the Microsoft account sign-up page and click on Create account. In the User name box enter your personal domain email address you wish to use. Fill out the rest of the form and click Create account.
    Now you can set up your Office 365 Home subscription with your Microsoft account. This will be the Microsoft account associated with your Office download. If you have…

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    Steffen Braa Andersen commented  · 

    Being an owner of a family domain for 17 years, I have currently 10 family members registered with their individual custom email addresses. The setup was done years ago on Microsoft Live Domains - and although very simple, the setup with an admin page for adding and removing mailboxes and an MX registration worked well providing custom domains to the Microsoft email solutions.
    After the decommissioning of this solution, I have been continuously searching for a replacement. My preference would be to sign up for O365 Home accounts for everyone, but as we all know, this is not possible.
    I have so far chosen to stay with the grandfathered Microsoft Live solution, but as my youngest child is now at an age, where email starts to be interesting, I will have to migrate everyone to a setup where I can add new accounts. For a long time, I have had a hope that this would be O365, but apparently not.
    This is definitely not a matter of moving to something better that I would rather use, but a matter of Microsoft forcing me to move away - or abandon the family domain (which will NOT happen!)
    And even if the usability issues mentioned with O365 Business did not exist, the price plan does not match that of a family account. Usage is most often considerable less and I wouldn't like to pay a monthly O365 Business subscription for having my great grandfather write an email or two a week.
    So - with this apparent lack of functionality that even used to be - I regret that I will have to migrate the entire family away from the Microsoft infrastructure...

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    Steffen Braa Andersen commented  · 

    I must agree with the previous comments. Having managed a family domain since 2001 and supplying my family with hotmail/outlook based emails on my domain, it was a real pain when Microsoft decided to remove the domain administration interface. I would be happy to pay for O365 Home subscriptions to have both mailserver and Onedrive storage for all my users. Please, Microsoft - support the private users with the ability to use custom domains with your offering. In our case, this is definitely a way, where Microsoft has a possibility to acquire and retain loyal users... or a risk to lose them all, as I have to find a solution to regain control of the domain and create more accounts.

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