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    We see two patterns in this feedback thread and are addressing them now. The first pattern is that users want AutoSave OFF. The second pattern is that the Template scenarios are problematic with AutoSave.

    To address turning AutoSave OFF, we have implemented these capabilities:

    1. To avoid accidental edits by others, the owner of a file can set it to Always Open Read-Only. This can be done by setting the file to open in Read-Only Recommended (File > Info > Protect Document/ Workbook/ Presentation > Always Open in Read-Only) or by Sharing the file without allowing others to edit (File > Share > People with the link can edit > Uncheck the “Allow Editing” box).

    2. Users can turn AutoSave OFF for a file. While a document is open, clicking the AutoSave toggle turns AutoSave OFF for the current document for that user. The next time the same…

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    Tracie commented  · 

    Autosave has been a serious productivity killer for me. Who at Microsoft thought it was a good plan to require the user to take extra steps to prevent a file from being updated when it hasn't been changed? We need a way to turn this feature off at an app level, not on a file-by-file basis, because even if you're only opening one file at a time (and there are a lot of people who are opening huge swathes of files all at once), you can't hit the off button fast enough to keep it from changing your time stamp to the current date and time. Many of us require the ability to have the 'last saved as' date reflect the last time a change was made to the file. That one disastrous aspect of Autosave has led to my moving files off of OneDrive. What a terrible irony. If you use the cloud to store your files, it's supposed to keep them safer than having them on your hard drive, but Autosave is driving people away from storing files on the cloud. Maybe that's their plan? if so, that's genius!!! Tired of taking up massive storage space with customers' documents? Make it unusable and they'll go away!

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    Tracie commented  · 

    This feature is complete dreck and has cost me a ridiculous amount of time. Talk about a productivity ruiner. I agree that if someone likes the feature, great, good, let them use it, but we need to be able to turn it off at an app level, not file by file. No matter how fast I hit 'off' when a file opens, it's already updated the time stamp to today's date, even if no changes were made, and I need to keep a record of the last saved date. It should not require the user to take extra steps to keep a file from showing that it has NOT been changed.

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