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    Thanks for sharing your feedback about the recently used documents. We are working on making this feature better in our future releases.

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    Nick Nixon commented  · 

    About "Your recent online documents"
    Office365 on the web (In this instance I've Microsoft Office365 installed on my home laptop and linked to my work account for Ofifice365) shows a list of documents that have been deleted or moved so their links won't/don't work.
    There has to be some way to remove this list of bad links.
    Did you guys just pull Office365 out of your a**es solely to inflict it on the rest of the world?
    Seriously asking. What did we ever do to Microsoft to deserve this?
    I'm about 2 more p***es off from removing Office365 from everything and just going back to Libre Office; which works just fine by the way.

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