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    You can use your own personal email with a personal domain to connect to any type of Office 365 subscription, including Office 365 Home. Office 365 Home relies on a Microsoft account for authentication. A Microsoft account can be created with any personal domain email, it is not required to be, etc. Once the Microsoft account is created using your personal email, you can use it to activate and sign into your Office 365 Home subscription.
    If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to the Microsoft account sign-up page and click on Create account. In the User name box enter your personal domain email address you wish to use. Fill out the rest of the form and click Create account.
    Now you can set up your Office 365 Home subscription with your Microsoft account. This will be the Microsoft account associated with your Office download. If you have…

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    Each year now when my yearly hosting renewals are up, I check to see if Office365 Home has added (re-added) the ability to use a custom domain.


    So again this year, someone else gets my $150 for the yearly hosting plan... and once again, I refuse to upgrade my Office Package and will remain on Office2010 instead of paying $99 for Office365 Home.

    Come on Microsoft product managers - it's already there in the Business version... (I have a small 50 person business on Office365 separately). Porting functionality to the home instance can't be that bad - and do your market research.

    There is a LARGE untapped market of people looking for quality exchange hosting for their private household domains and this would make you the de facto player in this space. No one wants an email of and so everyone just sticks with their private domains or gmail instead especially since Google Apps stopped offering this. And $4/month (times 5 people in my household = $240/yr) is too much for email only.

    Please - consider it. I personally know about a dozen people that would switch their households immediately and I can't believe i'm the only one...

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