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Delete unnecessary sites from Frequent Sites site collection list on SharePoint

I want a clean, efficient interface for my company. I cannot have that clean efficient interface, if Microsoft keeps putting SharePoint sites in the frequent sites list, even though those sites are empty & have already been deleted. If I've deleted a site, I want it to disappear, but it still show up in the list of Frequent sites. I should at least have the option of "hiding" a site. As it is, you are in a situation where you delete a site but the site is never fully deleted. It's horrible user interface design.

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    Regarding to "The deleted site is still showing up under Frequent sites section". It is a known issue. The related team is currently in the process of implementing tech, they will ensure consistency for affected tenants.

    If you are global admin or SharePoint admin in your tenant, you may firstly try the following steps which works for some users:

    1. Install and connect to SharePoint Online PowerShell.

    2. Use Get-SPOSite command to see if it's in the list. If not, go to step 3. If yes, use Get-SPOSite -identity <site URL> | fl to check the lock state of the site. If it's locked, use Set-SPOSite -Identity https://<yourtenant><sitename> -LockState Unlock to unlock it, and then Remove-SPOSite>Remove-SPODeletedSite.

    3. Use Get-SPODeletedSite command to see if the site is still in the list.

    4. If it is still listed, use Remove-SPODeletedSite command to remove the site.

    5. Wait for 24 hours to see the outcome.

    Please share the result when you have time.


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