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Error- "Either there is no email client or the current mail client canot fulfill the messaginf request. Please run Microsoft Outlook..

User get the error- "Either there is no email client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client." while previewing the .msg files in the Preview Pane enabled under File Explorer.
We have Win 10 Enterprise 64-bit OS on which we are using the Office(Outlook) 2016 64-bit and though Outlook is already a default mail client still user is getting this error. While troubleshooting this issue I found that other file types are being previewed with no issues other than .msg files also when I tried to reproduce the issue on my system with same configuration I have the same error when I enable the Preview Pane enabled under File Explorer.
While searching on MS sites for KB's related to this, I found below KB-

Where I got a false workaround and not a exact fix for Outlook 64-bit on Win10 64-bit.

False because, to support many O365 features Microsoft itself asks to have the latest 64-bit Office on WIn10 64-bit OS. And as per above KB MS is asking user to use below workaround-

Method 2: Use 32-bit Outlook


Method 1: Disable the Windows Explorer Preview Pane, and open the .msg file to view it in Outlook

which is not good as it will disturb some other O365 features when we downgrade the Office to 32-bit as per the MS suggestion.
Even other method is not useful as it's hampering users productivity badly.

Please have a permanent fix/resolution for the same and not any false workaround as it's already been almost five moths when above KB was last updated- as per (Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 ).

In addition the support staff here in this opened case is putting more efforts in closing this case as of now mentioning the preview for .msg files is not available with Outlook 64 bit by giving reference of same KB given by me while raising this MS Case# [Ticket #:13054236] and not involving the product Development Team to have the required product development to support the .msg preview feature in Outlook 64-bit.

Expecting the involvement of further/higher Team to get this resolved with tentative ETA for the resolution on this.

Thank You,
Atish Kamble
MB: +918983643531

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