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Easier and more useful template creation/control

The campaign templates are really basic and appear that they are only built for mobile devices by size. They look fine for a few things, but there is no way to do custom coding with it or get a higher end (professional) look and feel. I tried to put 600x338 pixel image in a template and it would not let me resize to fit the predetermined box (which is pretty much square). Adding more links to the template document would be helpful. You can add one link basically to the announcement template, plus all your social links, so very limited. How about allow HTML imports/creation options so we can embed things better?

Custom accent colors instead of the basic 14 provided so the end users can match their logo colors, etc.

The marketing posts on Connections states "You can also provide simple ways for people to join your mailing list or unsubscribe" Where is the "join" function?

I find very little "documentation" and when you query MS online help, it provides information about network connections to Microsoft, not the product itself.

What does the roadmap look like for this product? Will it grow into an application with more functionality?



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Brian Cain shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
thinking about it  ·  Office 365 Small Business Team responded  · 

Hi Brian,

Thank you again for your additional feedback!

I would like to try to summarize your ideas/questions, as it will help the team identify the different pieces they might be able to help on.

Your Suggestions:

1. You would like more flexibility with the look and feel of campaigns—for example the image you were trying to add was different from the aspect ratio of the template.

2. You would like to add more links to the templates. (You are correct that right now, the “Referral” campaign doesn’t allow any custom links, and the “Announcement” campaign allows just one. However the “Newsletter” template allows as many links as you like).

3. You would like to have the ability to edit HTML directly or import a pre-made HTML template

4. You would like to have the ability to pick a custom accent color.

Your Questions:

1. Where is the “join” function?
-- The place where you can find that is the “Mailing Lists” page. In the upper-right corner there’s a link to “Grow your mailing list” with a sign-up page.

2. Where’s the help documentation?
-- While we do have a few articles on, we’d love to better understand what you believe needs more detail or explanation. Please let us know and we can create more support articles. We’re in the early stages of rolling this out, and we are grateful to customers like you who are helping us improve.

3. What does the roadmap look like?
-- We plan to iterate and improve the product based on feedback from customers like yourself, but one of our goals is to make these tools accessible to businesses who would benefit from an “all-in-one” package and who don’t require as much customization. For customers with more technical experience and who want a sizeable amount of customizability, we may not quite meet those needs. In those cases, we suggest that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business might better suit those customers for these types of business functions.


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  • Chelci commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is an absolute necessity! But also the ability to eliminate entire blocks of content from the templates. And the forced social media or URL button links are not always relevant

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