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  1. Stop using the Spamhaus PBL and XBL blocklists on mail submitted by *authenticated* users

    Microsoft use various Spamhaus blocklists for filtering incoming mail. As an Office 365 user myself, I am grateful for this, as without such tools I'm sure I would receive a lot more spam.

    However, today I discovered that an email from one Office 365 user to another Office 365 user was rejected because the sender's IP was on the Spamhaus PBL and XBL lists. The IP address was not on the SBL list. Please note that the message was submitted using an Exchange client with their Office 365 username and password. It was not submitted by SMTP.

    If I understand…

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    Office 365 uses Spamhaus PBL & SBL only for rejecting unauthenticated mail servers which are trying to deliver to or relay through Office 365.

    The XBL is used to prevent authenticated clients, but ONLY if the tenant is a new/trial tenant. To resolve issues caused by the XBL, simply convert to a paid license and remove the trial. It may take 1-2 days for the system to pick up this change, but paid customers should have no issues with XBL. If you are a paid customer and are affected, please contact our support who can check the backend to make sure your licenses are correct. Occasionally a system may get out of sync and you will need to get support to dig into the problem with our engineering team.

    This check is done as one of many things we have to do to control abuse.

  2. separate sending IP addresses for tenants

    It would be nice to have separate sending IP addresses for every different tenant. This way SFP rules won't assume that email from compromised O365 tenants are safe.

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