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  1. prevent junk classification of outgoing emails at the receiver site due to blacklisted outgoing exchange 365 mailservers

    Due to the architecture of office 365 outgoing mail services, it frequently happens, that spam sending clients or fake NDR messages cause blacklisting’s of the shared office exchange 365 mails servers on different blacklists.
    Internally this blacklisting’s are hidden, because of the office 365 server infrastructure settings, which are whitelisting the office 365 outgoing mail servers. If you as an office 365 user send an email to another office 365 using colleague, everything seems ok.
    Outgoing emails to external users are recognized as spam there, due to the blacklisted SMTP IP (of the office 365 servers).
    This cause a reputation…

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    we addressed this in 2015!  ·  6 comments  ·  Spam & Phishing  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
  2. disable hyperlinks in mail body

    I think can be useful to disable hyperlinks in the body of the email, in order to prevent unwanted downloads, such as Trojans, ransomware malware and so on..



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    4 comments  ·  Spam & Phishing  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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