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How can we improve Office 365 Groups?

Microsoft Planner create multiple plans per group

To have an Office 365 group for our team is a great idea. However, the team I'm on has multiple projects ongoing, and having to create a new group for each plan and then to assign permissions for each plan and manage documents, conversations, etc all in separate plans is an excess.
Better to be able to label documents, conversations, emails with each plan and to allow multiple plans than to have to manage all the plans separately and create groups that will be needless after the project is complete.

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Justin Hughes shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Matthew Jarsky commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please add support for *copying* plans within the same group!

    Right now, users can copy a plan to a new group or create a plan in a new or existing group, but it is impossible to copy a plan to the group where the plan already resides.

  • James Ward commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow, this really doesn't get updated anywhere near enough!

    This has been implemented but I would like to add that the dashboard needs to have the option to consolidate all tasks across the plan to aggregate all activities in a group.

  • Not Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Seconding what NL commented. We don't want users creating hundreds of groups, and planner groups automatically appear in the Global Address List. Currently blocking group creation, which blocks the entire add group button in Planner, instead of modifying the prompt to only present use existing group as the add option.

  • NL commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The new "Multiplan" option is great, except it doesn't work if you're blocked from creating Office 365 groups.

    We blocked group creation to avoid our staff creating hundreds of groups for each plan. This new option doesn't resolve that issue since it requires permission to create groups.

  • Brett commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Teams workaround is exactly how we are implementing this idea as well, but there is a major component missing. There is no way to analyze Charts or Schedule for all tasks assigned across all plans in the same team. For example, we have a DevOps team and each project gets a plan such that in Planner it looks like DevOp > Project 1, DevOps > Project 2, etc. There is no way to rollup all subplan tasks / data to see all tasks across all plans in one team. It would be great to see all tasks, Chart and Schedule for all plans within our DevOps team.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am able to create multiple plans connected to the same group by using teams.
    From teams, just add a new plan and connect to an existing group. This is maybe not intuitive for all users however it works until Microsoft provides a similar feature directly from planner.

  • David Carpenter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My understanding is that it is best practice to have a O365 Groups administrator assigned to manage the creation and organization of groups. Once we have a group in place, we shouldn't have to go back to that administrator to create a new Plan for the same group.

  • Joe da Man commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Microsoft - any update on this? Multiple plans per Group? Folks are mentioning the use of Teams below.. but that's not the purpose of this UserVoice string... it is the use of multiple plans per "Group"! This enhancement sure is taking a long time........

  • Fabrice Romelard [MVP] commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Required to have task management for many projects we are following

    One group can have many projects to manage in the same time and the buckets isolation are too simple for that

  • Spencer Stewart commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Unfortunately most users in our organization do not have licensing for Teams, and lacking the ability to have multiple Plans per group we have decided to postpone any significant adoption of Planner. We do not want users creating Plans and inadvertently creating Groups across our large tenant, leading to naming issues and other sorts of management challenges. Thanks for advocating this feature and I look forward to its eventual implementation.

  • Chaz Weber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +1 for the Teams Workaround though if your org isn't using Teams, this is a bit of a pain.

  • Kevin Stone commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was able to do this using MS Teams. You can add a new tab in a Teams channel for Planner. This appears to create a new plan associated with the same group. Please correct me if I am wrong

  • Jay Sperl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A work colleague appears to have done what has been requested here: created a plan within a plan--or two plans for one group--by mistake. He asked me, as the keeper (owner) of plans, to help him delete the erroneous plan. The Delete Plan option showed up as expected under Plan Settings, but something made me uncomfortable in deleting the plan before I checked that nothing was created in SharePoint, etc. When I checked, I found all the data from the original (top) plan. we have new functionality not yet announced? And how do I delete the subplan created by mistake without deleting the data associated with the top plan?

  • Richard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would assume this would mean that when creating the additional projects under one group you can then setup separate permissions for each project level not at the group level.

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