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Better Support ticket experience

We're a Microsoft Partner and issue E3 licenses to our Users provided by our Microsoft Partner Benefits.

The solution for Support tickets seems to have regressed from something functional to something that needs a _lot_ of work. Below are a few issues that we encounter frequently.

- "Add a Note" doesn't add the note to the admins view of the ticket.

- Add Note link disappears at some point in a tickets life-cycle (while still "In progress")

- Communication from Support is not reflected on tickets.

- No details about the Support Technician assigned to the ticket (email, phone number, hours of operation, managers contact details, etc..)

- Tickets cannot be re-opened (In my experience technicians are too eager to close tickets, and they frequently close them and request feedback (their Star rating) before we're able to confirm the fix. Once feedback is provided, there's no mechanism to re-open a ticket, even through their final email states that the ticket can be re-opened via the portal.

The current state of the portal has caused us to track all of our O365 Support tickets in an Excel spreadsheet, which seems sad as we don't generate that many tickets (<10/yr). Having to track all the conversations and communication outside of the solution we're generating the support tickets in, shouldn't be considered a working solution.

Having expressed this information to a Support Manager, I was provided a link to this uservoice portal to provide that information, though he said that a new Support ticket solution is in beta, and although I cannot see it, he confirmed some of my concerns were addressed, so I'm looking forward to the roll-out of that portal iteration.

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    More over, in a support Ticket follow up emails there's no information about the email source who created the ticket, no info about subject, and please stop with your # that we don't want to add the a file name (if files relative as screensho s); and Support creates a new email each time instead of using the conversation feature ! Could be easily the gather tickets follow up.

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