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SharePoint Document Library limit of 5000 - Ridiculous

We planned to migrate from Dropbox to a SharePoint document library and when implemented, we immediately hit the 5000 item limit in a library. This is ridiculous in 2018. We have used folders with over 35,000 files on Dropbox without any issues. This is an unfortunate limit for a product that is called Office365 for business.

Please increase this limit or provide another means to load and backup large datasets.

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  • Prakash Gupta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please provide the option to change thersold limit, so that we can decide as per our requirement

  • xMarcus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have libraries on prem with ~140,000 items. I have lifted the list view threshold to 150,000 items. This is not that taxing on SQL server or the WFE. It takes a couple seconds to open a folderless view (flat list) of a library with 148,000 files. People are accepting of this because they realize there are nearly 150,000 files and they are fine with a 2-3 second wait. (probably would be 5-6 seconds in SharePoint online). Note, when opening a regular folder view of the same library it doesn’t take any longer than usual.

    If Microsoft raises the limit and people see the minor slowdown in large libraries/views, they will have an understanding of why with some simple explanation. They are then enabled to decide between a minor performance hit or the pain of reorganizing their content. The important point here is the customer is not limited, they are empowered to decide for themselves.

    Now for another angle. No competing document management system has such a constraining limitations. Without removing these barriers I'm afraid Microsoft is going to continue losing large amounts of customers to Box, G-Suite, and others.

    Finally OneDrive (sharepoint mysites) don't have this problem, so why stick it in SharePoint? Or am I to conclude OneDrive is no longer using a SQL back end?

  • Matt Barker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have moved some departments into Office 365 groups with over 140,000 files. As soon as they started sharing files and links our ability to share and change folder names ceased due to the list view threshold. Microsoft should highlight the 5,000 file limit. They train you to share files and folders without saying that this breaks inheritance and will cause any folders containing more than 5,000 files to start doing weird things. And changing views does nothing. This is an inherent flaw in their system.

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