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Add native Outlook contact to Outlook phone app

Hello, I am using outlook since 2004 and have thousands of them. No other contact app is fully compatible to outlook contacts when factoring categories and various fields. The way we have it set up in or business, many contacts are companies; in the individual company contact we have various personal in various fields according to their position in the company. Due to that, Outlook contacts never did a good job integrating into Google or iPhone contacts. Back in the days, I even got a Windows phone hoping it will provide a good integration with Outlook contacts. It did not.

Our way to go around it was to use a 3rd party company that offered what we needed. Company is Deja Office with Companion Link. Now, after working for a week transforming our office from Outlook 2007 to Office 365, I was hoping that the Outlook app will sync the contacts in the Outlook format. It did not. Instead, it offers to merge Contacts to the native phone contacts. Back to square 1.

Outlook Contacts are AWESOME! Why are they being neglected??? Here are the reasons Outlook app should support the Native outlook contacts:

* No contacts offer the same flexibility as Outlook and none do a good job integrating the data.
** In the business environment, if I want an employee to have the our office contacts (intellectual property), I don’t want them to mix the business with their personal contacts and prefer it’ll stay only on the Outlook app (or at least have an administration option to choose).
*** The ability to adjust an Outlook contact from one mobile device is not supported now.
**** The app doesn’t give a good search option for Outlook contacts and when you have thousands, scrolling through them is nothing short of horrible.

Please, please focus on your own product and support it properly. No other contact app come close to Outlook and if the above is going to be addressed, you will take another step in perfecting your product and we will not have to use 3rd party companies that offer what was already needed to come inside the finished product.
Thank you Microsoft!

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