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  1. Office Online Limitations - Extremely limiting

    Please assist me in bringing the issues we are experiencing to the attention of the correct department as we would like to see future improvements on this product as soon as possible.

    1. Find function is very limited
    No summary of cell locations for matches displayed

    2. No Custom Sort Option

    3. Vlookup formula loses focus when you lookup between sheets

    4. No filtering by cell color

    5. No freeze panes option (or at least freeze top row)

    6. No cell border options

    7. No replace with option (Used alot and urgently needed)

    8. Limited print options
    Page layout missing …

    1,656 votes
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    (Update from Office engineering) Thank you for voting, we appreciate your feedback. User Voice is an important input we are considering when establishing the product road map. In general, when providing feedback specific for Excel Online, I would recommend using Excel Online UserVoice, where you’ll find the specific feature granularity.

    I would like to use the opportunity to provide update on progress:

    What is already available in production?
    • Find dialog remain open when find item for find next.
    • replace dialog
    • Ability to Freeze Panes

    Please give it a try, we are looking forward to your feedback.

    What is high on our backlog – Impacted by User Voice voting – Keep voting

    • Custom Sort
    • Enable reference to a cell in another sheet by click (In Vlookup as well)
    • Enhanced Print
    • Pivot table

  2. Enable Microsoft Office 365 Business/Organizational Accounts to be used with Microsoft Office Lens

    When you use the office lens app you currently cannot use a microsoft account that is an organizational account. it says the account is not recognized.

    674 votes
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    Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to share your suggestions. We’d like to clarity, as some commenters have pointed out, that we do have AAD support for iOs today. Android and WP versions are in the works. Please stay tuned and keep your feedback coming!

  3. Create option in teams to hide shared mailbox SMTP address from Corporate Global Address List

    End users are not able to distinguish Teams Shared SMTP address versus Legit distribution group SMTP address, create option to 'hide' teams SMTP within corporate GAL.

    29 votes
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